Why inflate your tyres with Nitrogen instead of normal air?


Safer Motoring.

Better road holding and handling.

Longer Tread Life.

Up to 25% increase in tyre life.

Reduced Fuel Consumption.

Up tp 5% reduction in fuel consumption.

No Oxidation.

No water vapour or oxygen means no corrosion of wheels.


Q: Does it matter if I only inflate one tyre with Nitrogen or one tyre with air?

A: No - you can use Nitrogen and Air in different tyres on one vehicle BUT for the maximum benefits of Nitrogen you should have all your tyres inflated with it.

formula1Q: Is Nitrogen flammable / dangerous?

A: No - Nitrogen is an inert gas.

Q: Who uses Nitrogen?

A: Nitrogen is mandatory in the airline industry for safety reasons plus Nitrogen has been used in Formula 1 racing for over 20 years and used in every Grand Prix race tyre since 1992


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