spannersKeep your vehicle running smoothly and efficiently with a Moorside Garage service.

A service can include:

  • Engine oil change.
  • New engine oil filter.
  • New engine air filter.
  • New spark plugs.
  • New fuel filter.
  • Check and top-up brake fluid.
  • Check and top-up power steering fluid.
  • Check and top-up automatic transmission fluid.
  • Timing belt inspection.
  • Grease and lubricate components.
  • Check brakes for wear.

MOT1We can offer MOT's for a wide range of vehicles including:

  • Class I - Mopeds and Motorcycles up to 199cc.
  • Class II - Motorcycles 200cc and over.
  • Class IV - Cars, motor-caravans, goods vehicles up to and including 3,000kg gross weight, Minibuses (with no more than 12 passenger seats).
  • Class VII - Goods vehicles (between 3,00kg and up to and including 3,500kg gross weight).

All MOT's come with a FREE re-test.

engine1Using the latest computerised diagnostic equipment we can fault-find the majority of modern engine problems very quickly.

If your engine warning light has come on then it is very important that you get the fault checked as soon as possible to prevent further engine damage and cost. Call us today on 0161 633 1246 or 0161 627 1205 to book your vehicle in for a full diagnostic.

Or use our new online booking service here.

wheels1Tyres are one of the most important and most commonly overlooked items on a vehicle, driving with badly worn tyres is extremely dangerous and can lead to accidents and / or a fine. Also driving with incorrectly inflated tyres can increase your fuel costs quite dramatically. We can supply and fit a wide range of tyres to most vehicles from quality budget tyres to high performance brands, all tyres come complete with balancing to eliminate wheel wobble and road noise.


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We have a brand new MOT bay with the latest in computerised equipment for testing Cars, Bikes & Vans (incl Class 7)



Computerised engine diagnostic equipment helps us to find faults FAST.



Low cost servicing for all makes and models of vehicle. Motorbike servicing also available.